Agro Export

Agro Export

At Ladiv we specialized in sourcing and exporting high quality agro allied products from Nigeria to the international market.

We have trained workers that ensure our products meet international standard. At Ladiv Integrated Services, we do not compromise quality. 

Ladiv  is a leading commodities export company based in Nigeria. With vast experience in the Business of Farming and Trading in Agricultural Products

We ensure that we collect produce of the highest quality, sourced from farms across Nigeria that meet up with industry standards and farming processes, as laid down by regulatory bodies both locally and internationally. 

We export Agro Commodities like, Sesame Seeds, Dried Split Ginger, Cocoa Beans, Cashew Nuts and Maize Corn. Our supply network is deep into remote agricultural regions where we procure commodities from farmers through our well located centres. The commodities are then collected at our warehouses and transported to processing facilities, prior to reaching our customers.